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Prism is a shooter with a serious rainbow colored twist. Instead of shooting bad guys
and hiding behind crates, you use your weapon to bend the very physics of the
world around you. The goal is to successfully traverse a surrealistic landscape by
running up walls, sending platforms into motion, and, of course, jumping off
a few cliffs. Prism was completed in ten weeks with the help of Blake Harris,
Wade Fuller, and Kyle Rodriguez. I contributed to both art and design.
If you want to know more about Prism, you can check here or click on the logo
above to try it out! If you need the controls, they're listed here.

A platformer about confronting ones' problems, Umbrella was created for the 2010
IGDA Global Game Jam, meaning the entire gamewas made in less than 48 hours!
You can choose to address the obstacles or walk right past them, and the ending will
change accordingly. I served as team lead on this project, which was created in
Multimedia Fusion. My main contributions to the final product were as a
designer and as a colorist for all the animation. You can click on the logo above to
try it out, or check it out here.

Friend is another IGDA Global Game Jam project, created for the very first jam in
2009. I served as team lead on this project, as well as doing background art. The
project was completed in 48 hours in Flash, and was made with the help of four other
fantastically talented people: Blake Harris, Dana Corrigan, Blake Maloof, and
Jason Yankowski. If you've ever wanted to play catch with an imaginary friend,
you might want to try it out! Controls are here

My third year of college, I took a class that charged me with making a historically
based game in ten weeks. I was fortunate enough to have a roommate at the time
share something very personal with me: the memoirs of her great aunt who had been
imprisoned in a Russian Gulag. I created Osadniks to share part of that story.
As it was created in Neverwinter Nights 2, it is difficult to share the actual game,
but if you click on the logo you can learn more about it.

Going, Going, Gone! is a nondigital card game that started as a two hour design
challenge and turned into a full fledged wacky Ebay simulator! This may be the only
game in existence where you can purchase both New Zealand and a pair of kidneys.

If you're thinking about me as your next designer, you may just want to see how I
write a design document. I've got two flavors for you here. For those who just want a
taste of my formatting, this one is just a few pages detailing the character creation
screen from Sid Meiers' Pirates! For those who want a fuller, more original desgin
doc experience, this one here is longer, more detailed, and for a game where
you play as a blind girl.